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Blackjack Bot Casino Help

This guide should help you get Casibot set up on each casino. Select a casino using the menu bar on the right for more information. Please note that casino software changes frequently and these pages may be out of date. You should always check the casino terms before playing.

General Advice

Always read and follow the helper text which appears in Casibot when you select a casino. This will solve most of your problems.

There are many casinos within Casibot that don't have +EV bonuses. This is because occasionally these casinos will offer reloads, you should not play at one of these casinos unless you are sure you know what you are doing.

Always check to make sure that you have the latest version of the bot, especially if you are having problems with one of the casinos. Check the Casibot Forums for solutions and the Update page to make sure you have the latest version.

For instant casinos, make sure that you are running in the Firefox Web Browser and that you have installed the latest Flash Resizer extension. This lets Casibot resize the flash casino tables within your web browser to ensure that they are the correct size.

Check that you have the latest version of Java installed. If you don't, you may receive messages about "Main Class Not Found" when you try to run Casibot.

Vista users need to disable UAC as it stops programs like Casibot from using the mouse. This setting can be found in the User Control Panel, Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Turn User Account Control on or off.

Always finish the current hand before starting the bot, the bot won't be able to pick up in the middle of a hand and it is likely to cause problems.

Casibot Settings

Casibot comes with a lot of different settings and the settings tab may be confusing at first. The only setting that you really need to consider when you start out is the breaks. By default Casibot will run with no breaks but if you are planning on running sessions longer than 2 hours it is a good idea to configure breaks. More details are below:

Break every x hands - the bot will take a break at most every x hands. The break will be a random length between 3-5 minutes. It is suggested that you set this to play about 1 hour (500 hands) before taking a break.

Bet Spread x Every y hands - The bot will spread its bets across a range of x different betsizes. 1 would effectively mean bet the same amount each hand. (For those who are interested it picks a random number between 0 and x-1 inclusive and adds that to your start bet). The bet will be changed every y hands. If y=1 then the bot will adjust betsize every hand.

Bet Limit - This is completely separate from the previous options and imposes a limit on the initial bet only. This is so you don't accidentally set the bot to bet 100 instead of 10.

Default Delay - This is how fast the bot will respond and how quickly it will move to its new target. The default setting of 3 is roughly human speed. 0 is faster (a lot faster in some cases esp. Playtech/Grand Virtual/Net Ent), 10 is very slow.

Smooth Mouse Movement - The bot will move the mouse across the screen in a smooth line rather than jumping to its new location.

Directory - Directory to save graphs in, the default setting should be fine.

Default Prefix - Again, the default should be fine.

Create Multiple Error Files - Only necessary if you want to send multiple screenshots to support to highlight a problem. By default the old error file will be overwritten.

Auto Detect Casinos - Bot will search entire screen and attempt to identify and casino windows present. This will work best if the casino window is loaded and visible before you start Casibot. It may cause problems on slow computers or VMs.

Stealth Mode - Hides the interface, making it invisble to casino screenshots.

Reload (Chartwell) - Bot will attempt to press the reload button, this is not always sucessful but will work best during off-peak times when you can typically get 200-300 hands in before the message appears.